the path to wellness

First, I’d like to begin with a BIG warm welcome to all the new readers and subscribers that have joined the Holistic Nutritionista community since our second mention in last week’s Vital Juice.  I hope this blog continues to inspire you and give you great ideas on your road to wellness.

Please accept my apologies for not writing a post these last couple of weeks.  My family recently lost a dear member, my mother’s husband.  His name was Tom and he was a true American hero.  Tom and my mom were married for 15 years and during that time I learned a great deal about life from him.  When I think of Tom one phrase comes to mind – Self Sacrifice.  Tom was a man who lived that phrase in all he did – from raising his three wonderful children alone (after his first wife passed at a young age), to serving in the Army, to helping ALL those that came into his life in any way he could to make their lives a little easier.  He was a loving devoted husband, father and friend.  We will miss Tom very much, but his legacy will live on in all our hearts and minds.

Reflecting on the way Tom led his life made me think about self-sacrifice and the choices we make that affect our health and wellness.  So I ask you: What choices are you making daily to achieve a life of Vitality and Wellness?  Where are you Self-Sacrificing to create a vibrant body and mind?

Our choices are what frame our lives and our health. Look at any fit and healthy individual…most likely they are making choices on a daily basis to support the outcome of a vibrant body.  They may be choosing working out instead of sleeping in or eating fruit over sugary desserts.  In addition to a healthy body, when one chooses to eat whole, fresh foods and exercise, one will also get the added benefit of feeding their mind as well.

Most of us are aware that life is not linear.  Stuff happens and that’s to be expected.  But truth be told, research shows that we will be more equipped to handle life’s ups and downs living in a body that is strong and having a mind that is CLEAR and focused.

My intention in writing this post today is to get you thinking about your own life and your own health.  What choices are you making to support your road to wellness? Where can you elevate and shift a bit?  What temptations are you giving into, consciously or unconsciously?  What may you be addicted to? Sugar? Caffeine? Alcohol? Diet Soda?  How are your exercise patterns? What are you doing to manage any stress in your life?

As you go forward, know that I am cheering you on to move towards wellness.  It’s about getting pure and doing it in steps, baby steps.  Look at ways you can elevate your food choices, your exercise routines and your environment.  Try a gentle cleanse or add more raw foods and vegetables to your day.  Explore green juices and superfoods.  Get out and move your body…spin, dance, hike, do yoga or just take a walk.  Find your passion in movement.  Become your own health advocate. And if you need additional support please reach out – hire a coach, a trainer or a nutritionist to show you how to create a life full of energy, joy and vitality.

I would love to hear from you and I invite you to e-mail me or call me for further assistance on your path to wellness.

May your days ahead be filled with joy, laughter, energy, vigor and good health!

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