Dear Marlyn…I want to thank you for rescuing me when I was feeling depressed, run-down, unmotivated, and overweight. I was really despairing that I would never feel good again. But after having met with you and followed your nutritional program these past several months, I have more energy, have an uplifted spirit, and I am exercising regularly and LOSING WEIGHT. Thank you a million times!!! – Vicki Shenkman, LAUSD Specialist

Marlyn offers support far beyond nutrition. Marlyn is compassionate, patient and beyond encouraging. This is not a cookie cutter approach to nutrition. She carefully evaluates your particular lifestyle and food choices and comes up with a plan that works for you. Just when I had lost all hope to regain my old self.. I followed Marlyn’s nutritional plan and lost 12 pounds in 6 weeks. But more importantly than weight, I have more energy and feel healthier than I ever have. This is just what I needed to give me a “kick in the pants” to find my old physical self! Thank you Marlyn, you are amazing! I would recommend you to anyone. – Lisa W., Publisher, Sherman Oaks, CA

I have kicked my sugar habit and I am down 9 pounds!”

Marlyn, you have made such an incredible positive impact in my life. Because of you I am making much healthier food choices. In the last few weeks, I have kicked my sugar habit and I am doing really well with my eating – down 9 pounds. I did go off the plan a bit on Memorial Day. The good news is that I was able to let it go and start fresh the next day. Thank you for helping and inspiring me!!!! – Brenda K., Mom, Great Neck, New York

“I feel energized, rejuvenated and on a journey to a lifetime of positive nutritional habits.”

“Through her knowledge, guidance, warmth and positive support, Marlyn inspired me to embark upon a lifestyle transformation with nutrition and wellness at its core. Within the short span of two months, I feel energized, rejuvenated and on a journey to a lifetime of positive nutritional habits. I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend Marlyn for those seeking a most welcome and noteworthy transformation in their mindset regarding nutrition and wellness.” With Much Appreciation,  – Gary S., Principal, Sherman Oaks, CA

“I lost weight, eliminated my hot flashes and started sleeping great!”

Marlyn – you have transformed my life!  Before working with you, I was feeling frustrated with my weight and menopause symptoms. It seemed that no matter what I did, the weight wasn’t coming off.  After doing the Vitality Cleanse I feel so much better.  You opened my eyes to how various foods and artificial ingredients could affect my health, weight and well being. Within a short time, after following your simple systems, I lost weight, eliminated my hot flashes and started sleeping great! I also no longer crave any of the bad sugars or chemicals. To date (three months after I began my program), I have lost 21 pounds…yippee!! I am so happy with how fast the weight is coming off! The best part is I am eating delicious food and feeling wonderful! I  love the healthy lifestyle changes I have incorporated into my life! -Harriet F., Mom, Great Neck, New York

“We have lost weight, are sleeping better and have WAY more energy!”

Marlyn – We just wanted to thank you for all your support these past few weeks. We loved the Pure Jumpstart and Vitality Cleanse program. As a result of working with you, both of us have lost weight, are sleeping better and have way more energy! Greg especially has found this plan easy to incorporate into his busy work schedule and business lunches. This feels so different than any of the diets we have been on in the past…it has truly become our “lifestyle!” We are amazed how “easy” it is and are loving all the new healthy foods you introduced us to. Additionally, we are having lots of fun sharing this experience together. We are excited to continue working with you as we incorporate phase II of your “weight loss and wellness system.” – Laurien and Greg, “Healthy & Happy Couple”, Los Angeles, CA

“I am amazed how energetic and alive I feel daily.”

Marlyn patiently waited out my addictions to sugar, caffeine and coffee until one day I said, “Enough!”  I was living from one peanut butter and jelly sandwich to another Grande Soy Cafe’ Mocha to the next delightful glass of red wine. Marlyn, with her supportive and gentle approach, provided an environment for me to cleanse myself of these addictions and tune in to the simplicity of nourishment. I am amazed at how energetic and alive I feel daily. It is not a matter of will power; solely intention. I fill my plate with preservative free, close to the source fruits and vegetables. While I am not a vegetarian, I enjoy food for it’s potential to nourish and support my lifestyle. Holli Rabishaw, Certified Yoga Instructor, Tarzana, CA

“The most beautiful thing is how much better I feel… I’m really happy!”

I’m beginning to realize that some foods can be much more of an irritant than people think.I came to Marlyn over the summer. I had heard about the cleanse and had wanted to do it with her for a while. When they discovered a skin melanoma on my neck, I knew it was time to get as clean as possible. Really build up my immune system to the best it could be. I had stopped taking care of myself and was basically my family’s garbage can. Busy, I would not eat all day, then i would eat my 3 year old’s leftovers or grab a croissant or cookie and ice coffee. I’d get these slumps in the afternoon where i was just exhausted, and by 4 or 5 i was completely irritable during kids dinner / bedtime. i was racing and tired at the same time. I was also the heaviest i had ever been. Enter Marlyn. And my readiness. I knew my body pretty well. Knew i shouldn’t have coffee, really any caffeine, and bread slowed me way down and dairy did not agree with me. So away we went. No caffeine, gluten, dairy, soy, sugar. You know the drill. But it worked. It was amazing. To say i felt clean was an understatement. I felt…happy. Peaceful. There wasn’t this irritated feeling in my system. My brain. My responses to things were even keeled. Relaxed. Calm. I remember sitting on the beach watching the girls play and realizing how at peace my system was. I mean it was really surprising. And wonderful. I think my big irritants are sugar and gluten. And I’ve stayed off them now 4 months in, except for an occasional dessert. I’m not interested in them anymore because i know what they do to me. No cheese too, don’t miss it. I think most people testify about how much better physically they feel. Or how much weight they’ve lost. All these things are true and wonderful. But i think the most beautiful thing about getting clean for me is how much better i feel mentally. It’s like my brain is clean, and that’s affording my system to work from a calm place. I’m really happy. Marlyn is the warmest, sweetest, gentlest person to walk you through your journey. I am so eternally grateful. – Allison G., Actress, Studio City, CA

“I lost 15lbs, have more energy and no longer experience back pain!!”

When I first met with Marlyn, I was tired, had major back pain and was carrying extra weight that was making me unhappy. I also found myself making poor food choices and eating way too much sugar…especially in the afternoon around 4pm! As a result of working with Marlyn, I lost 15lbs, have more energy and no longer experience that horrific chronic back pain that was interfering with my best life. It’s truly unbelievable how much better my body and back feels! What I realized during this three month journey is…once I made a mental commitment to my own wellness everything began to shift. My confidence improved, my body is more in balance and my skin is glowing again like in my 20’s. I don’t even need as much make-up as I did before!! It’s been a remarkable journey in which I learned so much (as did my husband too!)  I’m thrilled for all the great changes. Thank you Marlyn for showing me a new and healthier way to eat and live!   – Denise Colletta, Banker, Los Angeles, CA

“I have lost weight, my IBS is gone and my energy is through the roof!”

I write this as I have just completed my 3 month journey with Marlyn, but am just beginning my lifetime journey toward health. Three months ago, my body was rapidly gaining weight and every technique that was successful in the past was no longer working for me. At my highest I was 15 lbs over the weight my body is most comfortable at, and climbing. I had sustained a number of injuries and was also diagnosed with a rare blood disorder which resulted in burning of the extremities which limited the amount of exercise I could do. As an amateur ballroom dancer, it frustrated me that I could barely make it through an hour class. The more weight I gained the worse it was on my feet. Additionally, I had suffered for 25 years with IBS, limiting my ability to fully enjoy life. I was resigned to the fact that I would always have it. I heard about Marlyn from my doctor while on a routine office visit. She encouraged me to give her a try as she knew several people who had dramatic results. I read the other testimonials, which were so inspiring, but there was a little voice inside of me that said “what if it doesn’t work for you?” Luckily, I decided to ignore that voice and take a huge step forward. I began this journey just short of 3 weeks prior to a trip to South Africa. Happily I had lost 2 pounds prior to my trip and I noticed that my IBS symptoms were gone! The first sign of success occurred about halfway through my trip. I needed some warmer clothes so I went shopping for a pair of jeans. I didn’t pack any because they were all too tight! Jean shopping can be traumatic at home in my favorite stores, but how would I ever find jeans to fit halfway across the world? As I tried them on, I noticed I did NOT have the muffin top (ladies, you know what I’m talking about!) I had when I last wore jeans at home. The second sign was when I texted a picture to my daughter of me holding a new handbag and she replied back “skinny!”. OK, so the third sign was when I got home. I got on the scale and I was 5 pounds less than when I left – for a total of 7 since my journey with Marlyn began. After my trip I began the 3 week cleanse which resulted in several more pounds weight loss. I have kept up with the nutritional shakes beyond the 3 weeks because I love them so much. I have surpassed my goal, and lost a total of 16 pounds. My clothes fit! More importantly than weight, I feel wonderful. My skin is clearer (I was able to wean myself off of antibiotics prescribed for acne and now I hardly ever wear make-up), my nails are stronger (no longer need acrylic, gels, etc.) and my overall energy is through the roof. My memory is better and so is my sleep. I have not had symptoms of IBS since I began. Thank you Marlyn for giving me my life back! I am eternally grateful.Maria S., Therapist, New York

“My daily headaches have gone away- completely!”

I can honestly say that Marlyn Diaz has changed my life. I have suffered from migraines and daily headaches my entire life and have always searched for a “cure”. After many years of various medications and recently dedicating almost a year to a headache specialist I still did not find any relief. Marlyn was referred to me by a friend and I went to Marlyn with little confidence that her program would make a difference in my health. After meeting with her I was left with a strong feeling of warmth and great support. There is something special about Marlyn and she made a positive impact on me immediately. She suggested removing glutens and dairy from my diet which at the time seemed impossible but with her guidance I felt a difference within a week. After completing her 21 day “pure plan” my daily headaches have gone away – completely! The difference is truly unbelievable. Thank you to Marlyn for introducing me to wellness and this wonderful way of life! – Ann H., Event Planner,  Studio City, CA

“I’m so excited with my overall new energy and 35lb weight loss!”

When I called Marlyn last year, I felt pretty awful. My weight was UP, my blood tests were OFF, my blood pressure was HIGH and the old diet regimens were just NOT working. My doctor suggested I get a nutritionist to help teach me new ways of eating and living a healthier lifestyle. Even though I’ve known Marlyn since elementary school, we had not seen or spoken in over 30 years! I saw what she was up to on Facebook and decided to reach out and give her a call. After we connected I knew I was ready to get started, and I enrolled in her 3 month wellness plan immediately. Within one week I began to feel better. Today, I’m so excited with my overall new energy AND 35 lb. weight loss! On top of that I’m sleeping better, feeling happier and living a healthier lifestyle – even while traveling for work weekly. The fun thing too is I’m able to give myself permission to have little cheats now and then – like my sweet potato fries and a few bites of dessert as I need it! ;-)) By changing my food, I changed my life. At my last doctors appointment my liver enzymes were normal, my blood sugar was normal, and my blood pressure was down. My doctor was thrilled. Oh!, And no more heartburn mess either! With my old diet plans the numbers never changed. It was just about losing weight, not about health at the deeper level. Recently I received the ultimate compliment from my mom, which was, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this thin! You look terrific!”  Funny, at 54, I still love a compliment from my mom…I love Marlyn’s approach “on it never being too late to change your health!” It’s all about aging beautifully and feeling your best. She comes from a place where it’s more about learning AND experiencing versus just about the food. It’s about understanding how you feel, and what you learn from trying new things and how to appreciate the healthy changes in your body and your life. I feel the great passion she has for her clients. Her calm spirit and easy communication helps keep me engaged too!  I never feel deprived or starved.  I finally have energy and my willpower IS back!Ilene Diamond, Mom & Regional Healthcare Specialist, Baltimore, MD

“Within a few weeks I was feeling better than I had in YEARS!!!”

Marlyn taught me about how different foods could be contributing to my inflammation, bloat, headaches, low energy and weight gain. Within a few weeks on her detoxing and cleansing plan, I was feeling better than I had in YEARS!!! The pounds were coming off, the headaches were gone and my energy was WAY up! Everything in my life started to get better… my sleep, my moods, my body, my concentration and my relationships.  Marlyn also taught me how to bring in delicious foods and create healthy habits that would last a lifetime. I am SO grateful for everything I have learned from my work with Marlyn. She has taken me on a wellness journey and given me back my vitality! – Melanie, Owner Bark Avenue, Los Angeles

“I am down 10lbs and LOVING my new found energy!” Marlyn I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am to you! Since successfully completing the Body Bliss Detox I am down 10lbs and LOVING my new found energy and strong body body. I was really nervous about giving up some of my old “comfort foods”, but with your guidance I have discovered a whole new nourishing and tasty world of food. Now, instead of choosing foods that make me feel sluggish, I find myself drinking delicious green drinks and smoothies, snacking on skinny crisps and raw nuts and eating gluten-free alternatives like brown rice and quinoa pasta (…first time I allowed myself to have pasta in 5 YEARS!) What I am enjoying most about this new way of eating is that I feel healthy, clean and energized! (No more upset stomach!) I feel better than I ever have!! Here’s some more great news… my family has been doing the detox along with me and together we have lost over 80lbs! It’s been an extraordinary journey and I am TRULY grateful. Thank you a million times!!!  – Alisa Rattner Gonzalez, Owner, Cardio Barre Beverly Hills

“I feel empowered and inspired to make healthy choices!”

Working with Marlyn is such a joy.  She inspires me to make healthy choices that taste great too.  I am a FOODIE and I feel empowered and inspired with her guidance.  The group cleanse was FAB! Loved listening to others and knowing I am not alone. Loved it so much, I asked Marlyn to create an advanced group to continue the journey.  – Romy S., Beauty Blogger, Sherman Oaks, CA

Dear Marlyn, I am so excited by your new website! You changed my life and my health by educating me about what to put into my body. Although I fall off the wagon sometimes, every time I put myself back on, I see the same dramatic results: reduced inflammation, less bloat, more energy and the by-product of weight loss! I am thrilled that you are able to grace so many more people with your knowledge, through this website. Congratulations and much love and light. – Penny, Therapist, Encino, CA

“She inspired my clients to make health conscious choices…” We had the pleasure of having Marlyn Diaz as our nutrition guest speaker for The Hollywood Summer Tour – a dance career intensive for aspiring professional dancers. Her talk was informative, well organized, thought provoking and inspirational. Her passion for health and wellness radiated when she spoke about nutrition. She genuinely cares for the wellbeing of others and clearly enjoys sharing her wealth of knowledge. She inspired my clients to make conscious health choices and re-evaluate their nutritional habits. We are grateful to have her apart of our program and hope to continue bringing her in to speak to our future clients. We love Marlyn!  Menina Fortunato, Director of The Hollywood Summer Tour

“I feel healthy, energized and back to my optimal weight!”

Marlyn! I can’t thank you enough for teaching me a new way of life! Through your expertise, extreme kindness and your incredible knowledge you have coached me to become much more in touch with healthy, delicious food choices that I was so unaware of! I was always a health conscious food eater, but you opened me up to a world I never knew existed! This new world you have introduced me to has made me feel energized, healthy and back to my optimal weight! My diet now is without sugar, chemicals, gluten and additives. I feel amazing and always satisfied! I love my new way of life! I will never go backwards…only forward! I enjoyed working with you even cross country! I look forward to learning more and thank you again for giving me this gift of knowledge! with love, – Lisa T., Mom, Great Neck,NY
PS…Thanks Marlyn…You are the sweetest!!!! Yes I am the happiest!! I am a very positive person in general…but when I feel good! I am “the happiest” I feel like you so get me! Since diagnosed with this thyroid thing I had a tough time finding the exact formula to make me feel good all the time…yippppee! Because of you I found it…I am truly so happy and I thank you again! – Lisa

“My energy is up and I feel more clear and focused!”

I recently began working with Marlyn. I wanted to try her Pure Cleanse plan. I thought it would be great to see how my body reacted to a “clean” diet. I was so surprised at how great I felt (and still feel!). My energy is up and I feel more clear and focused! Many people comment on how good my skin looks! Doing this cleanse really helped to break me out of some of my old eating and cooking habits. I tried new recipes – many of which I am still doing now – and experimented with lots of new foods. Before I began the cleanse, I was worried that it would be VERY difficult to give up so many things- all at once. And while there were a few days that it was indeed hard, for the most part it was really very manageable. Marlyn’s sweet, gentle guidance and encouragement made it so easy. I truly felt supported in this endeavor. Because I love it so much, I am still embracing this lifestyle during the week days, and then letting myself ‘splurge’ on the weekends. I have recommended this cleanse to so many of my friends and family members. I think it is great for anyone interested in learning more about food and their bodies. – Elizabeth I., Mom, Hollywood Hills, CA

“I have reached my 25lb weight loss goal…and  I feel fabulous!!!”                                                                                                                                  Marlyn came into my life at just the right moment in time.  I was the heaviest I had ever been and not happy.  Now, I would never have called myself fat, and neither would my friends, I just weighed more than a 5’3″ women should weigh.  Marlyn taught me to eat right!!!  I was ready to learn form her, and she taught me what to eat, how much to eat and how often to eat.  In just under 4 months I had reached my goal of losing 20 pounds, but my body wasn’t ready to stop there!!!  I have leveled off at a 25lb weight loss and went form a size 8 to a 2-4 and look and feel great.  When I work out I move better and when I try on clothes I feel fabulous!!! I am happy and excited about how I feel but the best is how proud my husband is of me and my new body and how I look in all of my new clothes.  Thank you Marlyn for all you have taught me.  – Marjorie H., Mortgage Broker, Great Neck, New York

“I eat better, I exercise better, I FEEL better!” My path to rediscovering my own wellness started with my talking to my husband and best friend, and eventually finding Marlyn Diaz with Holistic Nutritionista. Sending the email was not easy.  Picking up the phone even harder.  Only because I had to admit to myself that I needed help.  Am I glad I overcame all my unfounded fears!  Marlyn Diaz…There she sat, beautiful, soft spoken, kind, glitter in her eyes.  She listened carefully, approached my needs with sensitivity, guided me with knowledge and celebrated my milestones with love.  Through it all, she allowed me to regain my core, the person I truly am.  Today, I strive to continue on the path she taught me, love the fact I fit into my clothes again and approach life with a smile on my face.  I eat better, exercise better, I FEEL better!  Thank you Marlyn for all you do for all of us andbeing an amazing role model.  Thank you!  –Yasemin V., Actress, Los Angeles, CA

“I have energy, my skin glows and I lost 22 pounds!”

A year ago I suffered from chronic migraines and daily headaches, AND I was having hot flashes so bad I thought I was going to throw up every twenty minutes. I happened to click on Marlyn’s on-line Body Bliss detox and I decided to give it a go. I thought I was pretty much healthy. This makes me laugh out loud now. A banana and am-pm coffee/sludge with who-knows-what-is-in-it hazelnut creamer started every day. And I drank liters and liters of Diet Coke. With Marlyn’s help, I am now completely headache free. This is huge, as I’ve had headaches since puberty. The hot flashes now resemble mild heat waves. And I lost (released!) 22 pounds. But most importantly, my mood is drastically different and I have energy. My skin glows. I am proud of myself. Thank you Marlyn for all I’ve learned through the detox plan and more!!!  Carolyn Carpenter,  Director at YMCA Anaheim, CA

“I’m fitting into my ‘tight’ jeans and  feeling well and empowered.” I came to Marlyn seeking advice about how to lower my high cholesterol without taking medication. I had recently had a physical exam which discovered a spike in my cholesterol numbers and my doctor wanted to put me on medication immediately.  She reluctantly agreed to a 3 month reprieve. That’s when I began my wellness journey.  Well, “it” worked!  After three months, my numbers were “perfect”, thanks to the program Marlyn put me on.  I’m really pleased.  I am fitting into my “tight” jeans,  feeling well and empowered.  I learned that eating a variety of foods rather than eating the same things all the time is important to wellness. I’ve acquired a few new cookbooks and vow to cook some new recipes, especially soups and veggies. Thanks again. – Carol P., Landscaper, Studio City, CA

“I lost weight, increased my energy and conquered my sugar cravings!”

The 21-day detox has been an incredible experience for me. Before the detox I felt sluggish, bloated and suffered from digestive challenges. I also suffered from fatigue and craved sugar. As a result of the program, I lost weight, conquered my sugar cravings. increased my energy (no more afternoon slumps!), and my digestion is so much better! Honestly, I FEEL GREAT!!! What I also LOVED was the amazing recipes. I made so many and even put my own “spin” on some. My family absolutely loves them too!  This has now become how I live my life each day. Marlyn is an wonderful coach too.  Thank you!  -Idith Levy, mom, Studio City

“I have lost 30 pounds, increased my energy and learned SO much!

WOW, what a journey! I have worked with Marlyn for over a year now.  To date I have completed two 21-Day Cleanse programs, one 90-day Nutrition and Lifestyle plan and a live 6-month wellness group.  During the last year, I have lost 30 pounds, increased my energy and learned SO much. I’ve also stopped my soda habit and no longer use Splenda or any chemical sweeteners. (This was BIG for me!) On the fitness front, I  began working out at a local gym, hired a trainer and won a body fat loss challenge….WAHOO!  It’s been quite a ride!!  I also love that I am helping to inspire my family to be healthier. We talk about and enjoy food in such a different way now. Marlyn, your advice and knowledge has helped me so much, and has made all of us better for it.  Thank You!  – J.C., Producer, Encino, CA

“I lost weight, increased my energy, reduced my sugar cravings and have way more JOY in my life!”

Working with Marlyn has given me a new lease on LIFE! When I first began meeting with Marlyn I had sugar cravings, felt sluggish, anxious, bloated, toxic, overweight, out of balance and just not myself. After doing a 21-day Vitality Cleanse and 90-Transformation program I feel better than I have in years!! One of the biggest and most helpful things Marlyn taught me was to BREATHE.  Sounds simple – and it made a powerful impact on my life. During my wellness journey I learned so much about how to eat and how to handle my life when it comes to food. I now make much healthier choices that satisfy my body AND my desires. This new way of eating has opened up a whole new world for me. I have lost weight, increased my energy, reduced my sugar cravings, balanced my moods and have way more JOY in my life! I also feel more at peace and approach life from a new perspective.  Marlyn has truly inspired me to “step outside my comfort zone” – in fact, during our time working together I got certified as a fitness trainer.  I am SO grateful for my new approach to life and I’m eager and passionate about sharing these healthy lifestyle tools with my friends and clients.  The best thing is I know there are simple solutions to getting healthy and strong – and I did it!!!  – Laurie M., Certified Fitness Trainer, Atlanta, Georgia

The pain is gone, the weight is gone and I feel great!”

So, there I was. Ready to start the next “healthy eating” quick fix cleanse. At least once a year, I try something along the lines of a diet to lose those last 10 stubborn pounds that simply won’t come off my body. I’m hesitant to say “diet” since I know too much about nutrition to use that dirty word, but I usually make a plan to eat healthy and stick to it for a while. Often, there is an upcoming event or vacation that prompts me to begin. It works for a little while and then I slowly creep back to my old habits, and weight. Sound familiar? It did to me. The latest thing I had heard about was working with Marlyn. I had seen dramatic results in a few friends and wanted to give it a try. I wasn’t sure I really bought into the whole “food sensitivity” thing, but I liked the fact that I only had to stick to all the rules for 3 weeks. I could do anything for 3 weeks, right? Maybe Id lose those pounds. Maybe I would feel better. Maybe, this time, I would find something that would stick. In a matter of just a couple of weeks, I was beginning to notice a few changes in my body-changes that I was not planning on. More than just the loss of those stubborn pounds. These changes have made an enormous difference in my life and I have Marlyn to thank! I have struggled with chronic lower back pain most of adult life. I have had x-rays done, consulted with an orthopedic surgeon, seen physical therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists. Nothing ever really worked and my back would “go out” a few times a year. I would hobble around for a few days and pop an extraordinary amount of Advil and deal with it. Three years ago, I started to take pilates lessons twice a week which got my pain under control and has helped me tremendously. My back stopped “going out” but I still had that dull, nagging pain and I wasn’t able to do any strenuous form of exercise other than walking or hiking and my trusty pilates. For a former competitive gymnast, it’s tough when your body won’t do what you want it to do! After just 2 weeks of being on Marlyn’s plan, I tried out a new exercise class I hadn’t been to in years because it always hurt my back. But because I am a glutten for punishment, I tried it again. I was sure, as usual, that I would wake up the next morning sore and unable to move properly. To my utter amazement, I woke up completely pain free! Not even a little muscle soreness in my arms from lifting weights or in my legs from all the leg lifts! This was different-VERY different! Marlyn was right. Restricting inflammatory gluten, dairy and sugar from my diet made a huge difference in my body. I really didn’t think I had any food sensitivities at all. I have happily eaten all kinds of food all my life and never thought anything of it. But the changes in my body are undeniable. So many people have noticed the outward weight loss and of course it feels fantastic to be thinner, but it is the inner change that has meant the most to me. The pain is gone, the weight is gone and I feel great! So here I am, 5 months later, living a healthy, pain free life. I am exercising more because I am not in pain and I have lost those 10+ pounds too! Because I feel so much better, it is much easier to stick to the gluten and dairy restrictions. I’m not saying I eat perfectly- I still need to live a little. But now that I know what works for me, I feel like I have finally found something that stuck. And it can stick for you too! Marlyn is a delightful, inspiring and patient person who truly wants to help you achieve your healthy living goals. I can’t thank her enough for helping me! I will be eternally grateful. Who knows, maybe I’ll climb a mountain and shout it from the top because, you know what, now I can do things like that! – Kelly B., Mom, Studio City, CA

“I lost 14 pounds and am wearing a bikini instead of wrapping a towel around my hips!”

When I first came to see Marlyn I was run down, moody and unhappy. During the last few years, I gained weight, had very little energy and was constantly feeling tired. Marlyn worked with me and showed me how my food choices and lack of exercise were affecting my health. After a few short months of eating better and incorporating Marlyn’s Vitality Cleanse  System into my life, I lost weight (14 pounds!), increased my energy, have clearer skin, increased my workouts, ran a mile and have way more confidence. In fact, for the first time in a long time, I am walking around in a bikini instead of wrapping a towel around my hips. Now that feels great! Being a lover of food, I am excited and empowered when making food choices – I now know which foods will make me feel and look my best! I am SO excited to continue this journey and incorporate these healthy lifestyle changes into my life. Thank you Marlyn – I feel AMAZING and love this new eating plan! – Carly, Student, Calabasas, CA

“I feel more in control, have clearer skin, increased energy and no chocolate cravings!”

Before I met with Marlyn I found myself not living my healthiest life. My sugar cravings were high, my energy was low and I was eating too much at the wrong time of day. As a fitness trainer, yoga instructor and opera singer I thought it was time I took back control of my health and my eating habits. After having gone through the 21 day cleanse program and a 6 week nutrition jumpstart, I felt so much better. I now feel more in control, have clearer skin, increased energy, no chocolate cravings and have created a wonderful routine around my meals. I have also stopped the late night eating and live a healthier lifestyle while enjoying great food! Because of my nutrition journey, I feel at peace and really like where I am. I am so grateful for this moment and the healthy tips and support I got from working with Marlyn. – Maggie, Yoga & Fitness Instructor, Professional Opera Singer, Woodland Hills, CA

“My energy swings and mood swings are completely gone, and it feels great!”

Marlyn, What a change!  This journey has really helped me to look at the foods I put into my body in a different way.  Before when I was hungry, I just grabbed whatever was convenient without giving it much thought. I now see by being on the cleanse for 21 days that my energy swings and mood swings are completely gone, and it feels great! My entire system is back on track. I am now actually planning out my meals for the whole day, so that I can keep this feeling going for a long, long time. Thank you for enlightening me!  -Michael K., Business Executive, Great Neck, New York

“I lost weight, started reading labels, introduced many new FUN and healthy foods into my day and became more mindful of my choices!”

My intention for coming to see Marlyn was to learn more skills and tips on how to age gracefully, drop a few pounds and feel my best. As a busy active mid-life woman who loves food and socializes a lot it can get pretty tricky to keep my weight in check. Through Marlyn’s guidance I decided to try the Vitality Detox system, “clean up” my diet and enhance my food choices. During our time working together I lost weight, started reading food labels, introduced many new FUN and healthy foods into my day, became more mindful of my choices and feel more in control.  Additionally, her easy- to- follow lifestyle eating system has been a great tool for me as well. I’m enjoying all the new changes and look forward to continuing to incorporate them into my life!   – Jennifer L., Accountant, Sherman Oaks, CA

“I’ve gotten my SUGAR, food and wine cravings under control!”

When I first came to see Marlyn my goal was to have a healthy mind and body. Since I’ve entered my forties, I’ve struggled with the challenge of trying to lose weight. Additionally, I have been waking up tired, experiencing sugar cravings and sometimes drinking a bit too much wine. Marlyn shared with me simple things I could do to support my body, so I could lose fat and increase my energy. After beginning the Vitality Cleanse and changing my eating habits, I began to feel healthier, happier and more satisfied… And I lost 7lbs in three weeks! I now wake up less tired…AND I’ve gotten my sugar, wine and food cravings under control. Knowing that I”m a “foodie” at heart, Marlyn worked with me and taught me a new way to eat, how to make healthier choices at restaurants and gave me tips and ways to support my busy lifestyle. I’m super happy…and my husband is happy too! – Lauren P., Owner Skyebrooke Brands, Tarzana, CA

The first thing that struck me when I first sat down with Marlyn Diaz is that she’s authentic. You quickly get the sense that she’s not a business for her, but rather she’s doing what she is meant to do – help people live healthier, happier lives through better nutrition and a more positive lifestyle. She uses her extensive knowledge of the body along with a gentle supportive approach to guide you towards a greater understanding of nutrition. This understanding leads you make better choices in your daily life. Before I met with Marlyn, I was sluggish due to my poor eating habits and I drank a lot of coffee in order to stay “up.” After starting Marlyn’s 21-day cleanse I immediately discovered I had more energy and stamina throughout the day. I didn’t need the coffee because I was already naturally “up.” I lost fifteen pounds in the first month and a half. I felt clean and light, and people noticed. It’s an easier decision to change the way you eat after you get a taste of how good you feel when you take care of yourself. I’m not a nutrition robot now, I stray occasionally and enjoy the things I like, but I don’t get bogged down anymore. I know now how to quickly back to feeling good with the easy tools Marlyn gave me. She has changed my life for the better, no question. She’s terrific. – Jerry C., Writer, Sherman Oaks, CA

For anyone reading this, who is considering Marlyn’s pure cleanse system – do it! I have tried more diets than i care to mention and my sweet tooth and lack of knowledge about how and what I was really trying to achieve resulted in failure every time. I have finally found a system that has curbed my sweet tooth (something I thought would never happen!) I have stopped the highs and lows of cravings throughout the day and I feel healthier than I can remember. I am thinking about food in a whole different way now and with Marlyn’s guidance can absolutely see for myself the benefits ofeating a ‘clean’ diet. – Julie F., Mom, Encino, CA

When I first started talking to Marlyn, I had such fear and hesitation about participating in “Detox and Renew” Group Cleanse. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to stick to it and was uncomfortable sharing my “dirty laundry” with strangers. After I finished, I realized the group sessions made the cleanse much less difficult. I formed a core group to talk to and support me through a HUGE change. Marlyn has completely transformed me. My thinking and feelings toward food have changed. I have changed. I am SO grateful! – R.C., Public Relations, Tarzana, CA

Before I started the “Detox and Renew” Group Cleanse with Marlyn, I was utterly ADDICTED to sugar and chocolate. I couldn’t even remember having a day without it. As a result of the cleanse, I went almost three full weeks without chocolate or sugar and most amazingly, I no longer crave it!! I also feel FANTASTIC – no more energy crashes or sluggishness. Marlyn is absolutely amazing. She’s extremely knowledgeable and supportive and was essential to helping me get through the cleanse and elevating my eating and lifestyle habits. – S. S., Mom, Sherman Oaks, CA

Seeing and feeling such great results after working with Marlyn and participating in the “Detox and Renew” Group Cleanse is inspiring me away from my love affair with glutinous food. I now find myself craving foods I know will make me feel ALIVE – versus satisfy and urge to binge. During these three weeks I started bringing more awareness to what I put into my body…It’s made a HUGE difference! – Deannie O., Mom, Sherman Oaks

I do understand that I am not overweight in the traditional sense. However, I spent most of my days feeling disgusted with myself, feeling bloated and uncomfortable. After participating in the “Detox and Renew” Group Cleanse, I finally feel comfortable, proud and more in control. I also feel like I can make my new diet and lifestyle work with my life AND continue on this path of clarity and peacefulness. – H. B., Casting Agent, Los Feliz, CA

Marlyn, When I was first diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, I was pretty nervous about the changes I was going to have to make in my daily eating routine. After speaking with you, I felt like I could really do it. Based on your food recommendations, I was very quickly, not only able to get my sugars under complete control, but I also started losing weight. Literally shedding excess weight that my body had been carrying around for such a long time. I am 8 months pregnant and weigh less than I did before I was pregnant. Marlyn, you taught me what my body needs and what my body not only doesn’t need, but can’t process, and I feel better than I have in years. My OB couldn’t be more pleased with my success and progress. The weight I was carrying around was pure excess brought on by years of eating the wrong foods. You really are what you eat!! I look forward to having you guide me through the transition from pregnancy to breastfeeding, and then, moving forward, educating and guiding both Steve and I on our journey towards wellness. Thank you so much for all you’ve done and all that you continue to do! – Janet, Mom, Reseda, CA

My husband and I have just completed the Pure cleanse jump-start system with Marlyn, and we both have never felt better! It was hard the first few days, but after that we lost our cravings for sugar and coffee, and had so much energy. The shakes are very good blended with frozen fruit and the convenience is so easy. There are also a lot of options for yummy snacks and meals that get you on a path of wanting to eat “cleaner” because it actually tastes better and is better for you. Most importantly, Marlyn is great and extremely supportive in the process!!! – Christine, Mom, Tarzana, CA

My challenge has been consistency when it comes to living my healthiest life.  After attending a nutrition talk that Marlyn recently gave, I was inspired to “clean up” my diet!  Lately I have found myself eating “cleaner and leaner” and I feel really good.  Marlyn also shared some great tips which I have incorporated into my daily routine like adding maca powder, chia seeds and drinking water with lemon.  These small changes have added up to BIG results.  Sometimes it’s hearing the information in a new way that makes the difference.  Thanks Marlyn…I enjoyed the talk!  – Andrea, Mom, Great Neck, NY

Hi Marlyn… I have been really good with the food… I feel good and I can’t believe I have gone so long without sugar. I am very proud of myself. – Jill K., Mom, Long Island, NY

Before working with Marlyn, I was feeling very unhealthy, low energy and a kind of helpless feeling about my health in general.  After learning about detoxing, inflammatory foods and eating clean…I can now see that if I incorporate this way of healthy eating into my life, many issues will be lessened, if not disappear.  -Tracy S., Mom, Sherman Oaks, CA

I love that I am helping to inspire my family to be healthier. We talk about and enjoy food in such a different way now. Your advice and knowledge has not only helped me Marlyn, but it has made all of us better for it.   J.C., Producer, Encino, CA

My 21 day cleanse with Marlyn wasn’t my first or my longest cleanse, but it was definitely the most transformative, effective, simple and life-changing! On other cleanses, I felt hungry, tired, or confused about what exactly I was supposed to be eating, but Marlyn’s system was easy to follow–and I *never* felt hungry. Not only did I wean myself off of sugar and caffeine, my two vices, I also learned so much about my body and how to feel great, boost energy and improve my health, all by simply changing what I ate. And, as a bonus, I lost 10 pounds in 21 days. I plan on continuing the lifestyle changes I started with Marlyn and doing another of her cleanses in the near future! – Beth, Writer, Sherman Oaks, CA

Whenever I heard the word, cleanse, I associated it with fasting, discomfort and an unnatural health plan.  Working with Marlyn and doing the Pure Bliss Cleanse has been the exact opposite experience.  Since I began the system, I discovered a whole new way to eat and enjoy food.  I feel energized, healthy, satisfied and comfortable. – Cindy C., Business Owner, Bel Air, CA

For me the cleanse group has been a “gift to myself.” The time, information and experience has been great.  Just doing it…and getting through the fears and doubts.  I loved it!  Thank you Marlyn. – Carol, Landscaper, Studio City, CA