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How are your New Year’s health goals going? Have you tried any new inspiring foods lately? With my upcoming talk
“How you can feel better in your 50’s than you did in your 30’s” , at the Rejuvenate ME LA Women’s Wellness day, I’ve been thinking about my long and bumpy journey to wellness. You probably think because I like to eat healthy and clean that my pantry might be filled with cardboard tasting foods and low calorie treats. Perhaps it was years ago, when I was desperately trying to lose weight and feel better. This was WAY before I knew about the impact of high inflammatory foods and refined sugars. Before I knew how to eat deliciously, while taking care of my best health. Before I knew which foods supported my energy and which foods depleted it!  And way before there were so many amazing choices and nourishing foods on the market shelves.

Yes, perhaps years ago my pantry was filled with the latest low carb, chemical-laden, low fat snacks or frozen low calorie dinners, a bit of white rice and high fiber wheat bran cereals and muffin tops. Though as l began to learn the truth, through education and trial and error, I knew these foods were never going to take me where I wanted and needed to go. Today my pantry and fridge are filled with nourishing, nutrient-dense, tasty foods made with simple, clean and wholesome ingredients that support my best body, weight and optimum health now.

These days you’ll find things in my pantry like rich healthy fats – think hempseed oil (I love Nutiva brand), extra virgin cold pressed olive oil and organic raw coconut butter. Delicious “chemical free” treats like Jilzsnackers, Navitas Power Snacks (cacao/goji are my favorite), Paleonola and Better Than Roasted Totally Nutz sprouted walnuts, cashews and almonds. My cabinets are also stocked with gluten-free steel cut oats by Bobs Red Mill and superfood powders from Navitas – some of my favorites that I use for smoothies are raw cacao, chia seeds, lucama, acai, camu and maqui. You’ll also find organic canned pumpkin , nori seaweed wraps and tru roots sprouted quinoa (easier to digest). I love Wild Planet canned tuna for its moist taste, low mercury content and easy-to-use pop up lid. Wild Planet canned salmon is good too. My spice cabinet is filled with anti-inflammatory spices like ground turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, pumpkin pie blend, rosemary and garlic from either Simply Organic or Spicely. Both excellent brands! You will also always find raw almond butter from either Artisana or Living Tree in my fridge or pantry…and an extra packet in my purse for hungry mid-morning moments or an afternoon emergency treat. Note: rule of thumb – for health and weight loss…never be caught with your blood sugar down.

As I reflect back, it’s been quite an amazing journey to learn about of all these healthy, healing succulent foods. In fact, one of the biggest reasons I now do what I do when working with clients, is to make nutrition & health FUN! Yes, it can really be fun! My philosophy and motto – “elimination without deprivation.”

So the next time you are at Whole Foods or your local health food store consider taking a moment to slow down, stroll through the aisles (especially the “raw section”) and take a look at all the new fermented foods and fabulous Paleo selections. We are living in an exciting time and there’s so much healthy goodness to discover!!!

If you’d like to learn more about how I use healing foods to keep me fit, healthy and satisfied and how YOU can too, please join us on
Sunday, March 8th for Rejuvenate ME LA! The Ultimate One-Day Nutrition and Wellness Event for Women.* Click on the link to register and learn more!      www.rejuvenatemela.com

(*Please Note: Seating is Limited)

With love, peace & vitality,


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