pace = one of la’s best healthy eateries

Let’s face it, we Angelenos love our food!  With the vast array of restaurants opening each year it can sometimes be a tad overwhelming to decide where to eat.  I have found there is one place that truly stands out for its great food, exquisite flavors, artistic ambiance and cool vibe – Pace.  Pace, which means peace in Italian, is surely one of LA’s BEST.  With its delicious, healthy, and organic Italian selections, Pace is a place that is sure to tantalize your taste buds as well as your senses.  This restaurant is one of my ALL time favorites for Saturday night date nights and girlfriend get togethers.

One of the reasons I love Pace so much is I ALWAYS know I will get a fabulous meal, have great service and will be surrounded by cool artwork and fantastic music. Additionally, it’s also important that the food I am eating is made with wholesome, clean, organic ingredients…and Pace does just that!  They have their own gardens nearby where they grow vegetables and fruits. In addition the Head Chef and Owner Sandy Gendel handpicks his organic ingredients from local farmer’s markets twice a week so that “each morsel travels from the farm to your mouth in less than three days . . . and is infused with the care afforded by organic cultivation methods.”

Nestled in the heart of Laurel Canyon, this sanctuary is a cozy and serene approach to refined Italian cuisine.  On a recent visit I spoke with Scott Druschke, the manager, who shared with me some of the things that make Pace unique…included are its heartfelt approach to food, cooking and community.

Pace’s rustic menu features classic pasta dishes, original salads created with seasonal produce, to-die-for entrees, and inventive ciabatta-crust pizzas. My absolute favorite is Pace’s famous cedar wood grilled salmon seasoned with shallots, fresh herbs, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. The salmon is actually served on its own mini cedar plank and is grilled to perfection.  Try it with the roasted root vegetables – amazing!  Other favorites are their grilled vegetable salad, homemade vegan pureed soups and sauteed and grilled cedar wood chicken.

Genuine care is also given to Pace’s guests, who are greeted at their tables with toasted almonds and sublime Calabrese olives to awaken their taste buds. In addition, crayons are positioned atop their paper tablecloths to inspire a dash of creative expression before dinner.

At Pace, the farmer’s markets are valued not only for their superior fresh food, but Gendel also remains committed to supporting the local agriculture community. He encourages further community symbiosis by displaying for sale the eclectic and vibrant works of local artists, complimented by the wall of his patron’s spontaneous creations.

So, next time you are in the mood to spend some time with your honey, friends, or just the girls, head on over to Pace and have an experience to remember!  And while you’re there, say hello to Scott and tell him the Holistic Nutritionista sent you.

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