my top 10 snacks to slimdown for summer

Happy May! With the warmer months upon us, you may be thinking of ways to lose weight, feel better or tune up your health. I’m a BIG believer in eating clean and snacking healthy. Healthy snacking can be a great way to keep your body balanced and full of energy throughout the day. When you snack healthfully, you also avoid the tendency to overeat at meals. The problem lies when one is snacking too much or binging on too many high calorie sugary and salty foods.

When it comes to snacking for better focus, balanced blood sugar and increased energy think Healthy FAT, FIBER and PROTEIN. This combination of ingredients will keep you satiated and happy and support weight loss too. To avoid snacking on your kids treats or processed junk, stock your fridge and pantry with delicious and nutritious snacks that are easy-to-access and ready-to-go. Things like raw almonds, walnuts, nut butter, hummus and avocados work wonders.

To help keep you going all summer long, I’m sharing some of my favorite snack ideas. And if you’d like more empowering and energizing tips, I invite you to come join us for the second Ageless Beauty Academy, beginning on May 16th.       Click here for more details

My top 10 favorite Gluten & Dairy-Free Snacks to SLIM DOWN FOR SUMMER:

1. 1 small sliced pear with a small handful of (8) walnuts or (10-12) almonds

2. A few slices of tomato with small drizzle (tsp.) of olive oil and sea salt (can also use balsamic vinegar or dairy free pesto – try Basil Tops…Yum!)

3. 1 protein packed hard boiled egg with a side of cut up veggies

4. one small handful of raw or sprouted almonds (about 12-15) and 2 tbsp dried unsweetened cranberries (Eden brand is great!)

5. 1 c strawberries and 3 tbsp coconut whip cream (put can of bpa-free coconut milk in fridge, let sit and whip up –  my favorite is Native Brand or So Delicious Coconut Culinary Creamer)

6. 1 tsp of unsweetened cranberries, 4oz plain coconut yogurt (try Coconut Grove or Kite Hill) and ½ tsp of raw honey

7. two slices of organic turkey in 2 romaine lettuce leave cups with 2 slices of avocado and sprouts

8. 1 tsp of 100% pure natural almond butter (i.e., almond butter with nothing else added – try Artisana or Living Tree!) on one rice cake (OR on ½ sliced apple) And for some added sweetness, top with cinnamon and sea salt

9. 5-8 gluten-free flax crackers (try Jillz!) with ¼ of mashed avocado and sea salt

10. 1 c of baby carrots (OR cucumber spears) with 2 tbsp hummus (try BABA brand, so good!) or 2 tbsp of guacamole

With love & fun,

xo Marlyn

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