sugar, wine, & stress…

Have you ever had one of those OMIGosh moments where you wish you could hit the rewind button? Yup, I’m sure most of us have. Thursday night was one of those moments for me. Walking around with excitement all day I anticipated sharing the stage with Dr. David Allen for a talk on Detoxification and Food. I had prepared, got a lovely outfit to wear and felt coiffed and ready to shine. As I took the stage Dr. Allen pinned a microphone to the left side of my shirt. Since the shirt I was wearing was silky (see picture) unbeknownst to me during the latter half of my talk the mic was pulling down the collar and half my bra was hanging out. Whoops! I wasn’t aware ’til the end when it was time to give the mic back. Ugh! (I call this my “almost” Janet Jackson moment! The beauty was I was so engaged in the moment and connecting with the audience that nothing else mattered. What I learned from that event, and continue to learn from life, is that stuff happens! Sometimes they end up being funny moments, or embarrassing moments or stressful moments. Yet, here’s what has become very true – it’s all how we perceive the moments and how we choose to react to them. So much of my recent learning around dealing with life in a whole new way has come from the Mindfulness Lessons of Lisa Kring. For the past two years, I’ve had the opportunity to sit in Lisa’s class and experience her wisdom and sharing. Each week she shares tips on stress reduction, compassion, mindful eating, mindful living and creating more authentic relationships. Today I wanted to share some of the most valuable tips and tools I’ve learned from Lisa for creating a more peaceful, loving, joy-FILLED life.

1. Slow DownMindfully manage your stress. Cultivate mindful living. This is really about being fully present in the moment, with kind attention. More often than not, we are on “automatic pilot,” mindlessly preoccupied with a future that never quite arrives and a past that is no longer happening. As a result, we often feel stressed, anxious, depressed out of sync and exhausted. Whenever you notice stress or imbalance, simply pause in awareness. Breathe. Mindful awareness is great to use when eating too. Simply slow down, breathe and chew your food. Good for digestion, well-being and weight loss!

2. Invite your emotions IN. Put out the welcome mat. Perhaps your emotions are there as messengers. I find in my work with talking to clients, many want to cover up their unpleasant feelings with SUGAR, wine, food or other pastimes. What if you gave yourself the permission to pause and really feel what is coming up inside of you? Check out the poem The Guest House by Rumi. It has surely changed the way I now embrace emotions.

3.Cultivate kindness and compassion. Often, we are looking outside of ourselves for love, approval and care. But, through mindfulness practice, we can come home to ourselves, getting on our own best side, attending to our own needs in a way that only we can do for ourselves. Life can be hard. When we learn to let go of unrealistic expectations, and learn to love and accept ourselves more and more as we really are, we find more inner peace, joy and wholeness.

If you’d like to learn more about Lisa Kring, please visit her site at Insight LA or come experience her LIVE at Rejuvenate Me LA.

Join us for a day of empowerment, connection and community! Lisa will be sharing great tips on stress reduction, self-care, cultivating joy and creating radiant well-being. Seating is limited. We are filling up fast! (20 seats left) To get your early bird tickets CLICK HERE

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Matcha “Ageless Beauty” Smoothie


8oz of Unsweetened Almond or Coconut Milk

1/2 – 1 tsp. of Matcha Green Tea Powder (supports WEIGHT LOSS & Detoxification)

1 handful of spinach leaves (preferably organic)

1/2 of frozen banana (avocado works well too – great for glowing skin)

tad of coconut sugar, 1 pitted date or sweetener of choice

2-3 mint leaves to taste

2-3 ice cubes or frozen strawberries (for extra cold, creaminess)

*Option: 1 scoop of vanilla plant-based protein powder. (Will help balance blood sugar if using for meal replacement. Try Sun Warrior, Vega or Raw Protein Powder.)

Blend all ingredients in high-speed blender. Sip, savor & enjoy!

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