hormones, health & happiness…with dr. david allen

With Valentine’s Day this week, I’m thinking of all the LOVE in my life. How about you? I’m especially thinking about my soul-sister women friends. It’s a true gift to share with caring women – and it’s good for your health too! Last week I spent much time sharing deeply with dear friends (old and new) and sweet lovely clients. Hearing stories of pain and struggle around FOOD, body image, weight and addiction to both wine & sugar. For many it has affected their health, relationships and self-confidence. What if I told you I really understand? For me the road to wellness has been a lifelong 25+ year personal and professional journey to find inner peace, healing and the right nourishment that supports my best body at each stage of life. Through it all I’ve come to meet some of the most incredible experts and teachers who have shared how to take simple steps to feel better. One of those experts is Dr. David Allen. Dr. Allen is a Los Angeles based Integrative/ Functional Medical doctor. A true healer.

Why you are going to love him!

Dr. David Allen is one of those special, rare-to-find doctors. The kind most of us desire to work with. He listens, truly listens. He is extremely present & compassionate and supports his patients in helping them elevate their lives at all stages. He is dedicated to creating a “true partnership” with his patients and reminds us that healing happens on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual

What I personally learned from Dr. Allen:

1. There are easy ways to re-ignite that inner feminine light and desire. Sometimes it’s as simple as a supplement or hormone replacement. There’s LOTS of incredible NEW testing and easy ways to find out what’s going on in your body. Many tests are covered by insurance.
2. Hormones play a BIG role in weight, mood and energy for women in their 40’s – 60’s and beyond. Check out his foreword in Suzanne Somers’ book, “Slim & Sexy Forever.”
3. Each body is unique – you don’t have to stay stuck or frustrated. Once you find the “root cause” you can begin to heal and rejuvenate.

(If you happen to live outside of LA, you can begin to seek out a Functional Medical doctor in your area at the Functional Medical Institute website.)

AND – If you’d like to learn more from Dr. Allen please check out his website www.davidallenmd.com OR come join us on March 8th at Rejuvenate Me. A day where we’ll be learning the TRUTH about food, digestion, HORMONES, happiness and healing.

Seating is limited and we are filling up FAST! I invite you to take advantage of the early bird special through February 25th, and learn more here REJUVENATE ME LA!
My new healthy finds!

1. Raw Flax Seed Wraps – made of zucchini, coconut, apple, onions, flax, herbs and spices. Amazing! I found these wraps at Erewhon. They are a wonderful alternative to rice tortillas. They are Gluten-free, Vegan and Paleo. You can heat them quickly on the burner and add in smashed avocado or chopped veggies and tuna.

2. Basiltops Dairy-Free Pesto – wonderful taste. This a super way to get your healthy flavor ON! Use with gf pasta, eggs, roasted veggies, chicken, fish and salads.

With love, peace & happy hearts,


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