healthy fats for glowing skin

Have you ever noticed how good it feels to be in the company of loving supportive women? This weekend I had the honor of speaking at a women’s retreat in Simi Valley, California. I find live events so powerful. It is an extreme joy to be in the company of a group of modern women who are willing to share so openly about their everyday struggles around food and health and their deep desire to feel better.

Live events have always been important to me because they are an opportunity to share and to know we are not alone. My dear friend Holli, yoga teacher extraordinaire, shares “magic happens when you walk outside your front door.” How often do we get ‘stuck in a rut’ in our lives, afraid to leave our comfort zones or caught up in our “busyness”? One of the reasons I created Rejuvenate Me LA, was the chance to bring amazing women together in a soothing serene environment, so they could connect and be empowered with the latest information around HORMONES, health, healing and happiness. Yes, all the learning will be fantastic, and at the core it will also be about meeting new women, sharing struggles, opening up to our fullest selves, eating delicious food and knowing you are not alone.

For many of us, it’s easy to get caught up in our to do lists, our routines and our comfort zones. In the next few weeks I invite you to try on something new. Spring is the perfect time for rejuvenation and renewal. Perhaps you might try a new cooking class or yoga retreat, or attend an intriguing event at a women’s group in your community or join us at Rejuvenate ME LA. It’s all about connection and growth. Connection builds happy hormones. When happy hormones are high, stress is lowered. Less stress supports weight loss, slower aging, more joy and better health!

Here’s another favorite for lowering stress and increasing weight loss:

Healthy Fats and Oils – The old paradigm was that fat made us fat. The truth is, healthy fats help to balance blood sugar, boost our brain power, lower stress and support better cellular health. All leading to the possibility of healthier hair, glowing skin, weight loss, clearer thinking and increased energy. Lately I’ve become a fan of Hemp Oil. It’s great in smoothies, delicious on salads and wonderful in oatmeal. Hemp oil has a nutty taste and is loaded with Omega 3’s, 6 and 9. Nutiva is my favorite brand. Other wonderful fats to consider are avocados, olives, raw unrefined coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil and flax.

For improved weight loss, balanced energy and happy hormones consider having a bit of healthy fat at breakfast and throughout the day. An example might be one teaspoon of coconut or hemp oil in your smoothie, 1/4 avocado in your lunch salad and perhaps some coconut oil to sauté your veggies at dinner. Oils are “calorie dense”, so a little goes a long way. A serving looks like a teaspoon of oil, 1/4 of an avocado or 8 whole olives. For many women, 4 servings of healthy fats a day might be a nice amount. (For men it might be 5 to 6.) Each person’s needs vary, so adjust accordingly to your body and activity level.

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