chocolate super cookies

This post is dedicated to my “chocolate loving” client and new friend, Lisa T. in Great Neck, NY!

Lisa has done so well on her weight loss/wellness journey…and continues to make GREAT healthy lifestyle choices…and with that she still likes to sneak in a gluten-free/sugar-free chocolate treat once in awhile.  So for Lisa and all you healthy chocoholics out there I found a tasty treat you might want to try.  They are called “chocolate super cookies” and they are made by a company called go raw.  What I like about these tiny crackers is that all the ingredients are organic, wheat free/gluten free and raw.  These tasty morsels are also high in fiber, contain calcium, iron and protein and have no refined sugar. The ingredient list includes sprouted seeds, coconut, dates, agave nectar and cacao. These super chocolate cookies are also “live” which means they are dried under 105°.  With that the enzymes are left intact and it is good for our overall health!  Sprouted seeds are also much easier on the digestion.

Go raw has been around for a while and they also make some other really great products like energy bars, granola, flax crackers, plain sprouted seeds and pure raw chocolate (the healthy kind!)  Think about stocking up on these treats when going on a hike, road trip or during carpool.  (Kids can enjoy them too!)  You can find go raw super cookies at Whole Foods or your local health food store.

Let me know how you like them!  And if you have any other healthy chocolate treats you have discovered lately…I’d love to hear from you!  And I’m sure Lisa would too!!! 🙂

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