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The Ageless Beauty Nutrition Academy
6-week online program for women

Begins on Monday, May 16th, 2016

Become the Healthiest, Happiest person you know!

Join me and integrative physician and longevity expert, David Allen MD, for a life-changing event to take you out of overwhelm and into action. We’re sharing the simple strategies to help you become a slimmer, happier & healthier YOU!

Once you join in the fun, you’ll receive instant access to our Private Facebook forum where you can stay connected to a soulful group of like-minded women and ask those burning questions to keep you moving forward with confidence and success. No more trying to do it alone!

This Program Includes:
  • One 30 minute Private Coaching Session with Marlyn! ($150 value)
  • Ageless Beauty 14-Day Detox Plan & Lifestyle Guide*
  • Delicious Recipes Vegan, Vegetarian & Paleo Options
  • Shopping List + Healthy Snacks
  • Weekly Group Conference Calls
  • Private Facebook Group
  • BONUS #1: Recordings of all audio content so you can listen any time.
  • BONUS #2: Two live calls with David Allen, M.D.  ($825 value)
  • Bonus Training: “The Power of Essential Oils” with Aisha Hartley, certified yoga instructor and master essential oil coach.


Why Ageless Beauty Academy, Why now?

I understand the struggle, the confusion and the overwhelming feelings around what to eat and how to maintain the best body possible. Through the years, I’ve built my nutrition coaching practice around helping thousands of women navigate through the overload of information out there and obtain REAL body breakthroughs and weight loss that lasts! These changes have been incredibly powerful and have led to leaner bodies, more energy and better focus.

Additionally, I’ve seen blood tests improve, lives transformed and people become more joyful.

I’ve also been in your shoes. You see for years I struggled. It started with food and weight. Never quite finding that happy place. I packed on the pounds, held myself back and rode the roller coaster of sugar’s ups and downs. And to say the least, I was miserable.

All that changed…once I took some simple steps.

In my 50’s my life is now filled with energy, power and peace. It’s been an incredible journey of self-discovery through food and nutrition. Through changing my food, I changed my life! By learning how to incorporate delicious food, the right supplements and nourishing lifestyle habits, I’ve created a simple foundation that supports real energy and daily self-care.

I dove deep…both personally and professionally. Investing in science-based nutrition schools, attending key conferences and working with top integrative medical doctors…they have all helped me to embrace and discover the TRUTH behind what it takes to create optimum health.

As a passionate Clinical & Holistic Nutritionist, I’ve come to understand what it takes to live a life of lasting weight loss, deep fulfillment and vibrant beauty. Now, I’m ready to share these steps with YOU!


That’s why I created Ageless Beauty Academy.

Ageless Beauty Nutrition Academy is a sure-fire, 6 week online system that will continue to give you the tools to create a life of true health and a body you love. In this step-by-step plan, you will find the techniques and tools that I’ve used to change my life and the lives of thousands of clients. It’s the missing piece, to support you going forward, for a lifestyle of true health.  It’s a streamlined approach to healthy living that will leave you feeling empowered, confident and fulfilled.

I’ve teamed up with Southern California’s leading integrative physician and longevity medicine expert, David Allen, MD to deliver the Ageless Beauty Academy!

Together We’re Creating a Powerful Community of Soulful Connection!

For 6 weeks we’ll be DIVING IN to a journey towards a happier, healthier, sexier you. We’ll also be sharing the personal things we do  to slow down aging and live more vibrantly.

Here’s what we’ll be covering each week:

Week 1: The Power of Detoxing: 14-Day Detox
    • Learn the “foods to eat” and those to avoid to boost immunity, reduce bloat, clear toxic estrogens, detox daily & ELEVATE your health


    • Get the SKINNY on delicious snacks & treats all designed to nourish you


    • Learn how to purge your pantry & rid your body of hidden chemicals, calorie killers and energy-depleting ingredients


  • Gain knowledge about which supplements help enhance detoxification, optimize digestion, promote weight loss and reduce sugar cravings!
Week 2: My Hormones are a HOT Mess!: with Dr. David Allen
    • Learn about your powerful female hormones and how to ACTIVATE and balance them to support weight loss, wellness & increased sex drive


    • Gain a deeper understanding of how to BOOST your metabolism through food and supplementation so you can look and feel your SEXY best!


    • Get the facts about insulin’s role in balancing blood sugar, reducing inflammation and increasing fat burning


  • Learn bout the latest “cutting edge” health testing and how it could help you uncover powerful genetic information for you and your family

Week 3: Eating for Beauty & Health!:

    • Learn Marlyn’s 5-Step Eating & Lifestyle approach for Ageless Living


    • Learn how to use food help revitalize the cells and rejuvenate the skin


    • Learn which SUPERFOODS help slow down aging, increase energy, promote better sex & support glowing skin!


  • Learn how to navigate through a menu and make the best choices when traveling & dining out
Week 4: Women, Health & Healing: with Dr. David Allen
  • Learn ways to boost your THYROID for better health & weight loss
  • Understand the job of the ADRENAL GLANDS and the important role they play for women as we age
  • Get the facts on “Adrenal Burnout”and how  it may be impeding your best sleep, lowering your immunity & robbing your energy
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between diet and disease + learn powerful action steps you can take for BETTER BREAST HEALTH
Week 5: Get Your “SELF-CARE” ON!:

  • Understand the practice of MINDFULNESS and learn simple tips & tools you can use daily to release stress, improve mood and create more JOY
  • Learn about the power of essential oils and how to use them to balance your mood, increase your energy and raise your vibration
  • Learn about the power of DIVINE FEMININE energy – what it is and how to tap into it to support your dreams, creativity and abundance
Week 6:  How to Create a Toxin-Free Environment:

  • Learn about specific environmental toxins that may be sneaking into your life and sabotaging your health
  • Get the facts about the chemicals and life-depleting ingredients that have been associated with breast cancer, accelerated aging and disease
  • Learn about non-toxic make-up & “clean” soaps to support healthier skin
  • Learn simple ways to ENHANCE your everyday environment to create a healthier, happier home and higher vibrational life
Is your FOOD aging you?
Are you DONE with feeling tired, cranky, foggy, and bloated day after day?


Are you a savvy woman who’s ready to ditch the diets & create a delicious lifestyle filled with healthy pleasure & lasting weight loss?

If your answer is a roaring YES…then come join us for a six week wellness event that will bring out your SEXIEST, Most Energetic Self!
The Mission: To burn fat, decrease inflammation, enhance physical performance, think more clearly, and create new healthy habits for life.
The Benefits:
  • Get lean
  • Have healthy, glowing, radiant skin, hair, and nails
  • Reduce SUGAR cravings!
  • Enjoy BLISSFULLY delicious foods
  • Experience increased focus throughout the day
  • Say bye-bye to mid-afternoon slumps
  • Feel younger, stronger, and lighter
  • Sleep better
  • Eat better
  • Love YOUR body
  • Set rules for yourself that you’ll actually follow and live by
  • Be part of the Ageless Beauty New Year revolution of cleansing and toning!
The Result: A Brand New, Blissful Body and SEXY Ageless YOU!

Blast away belly weight, sugar crashes, stress and emotional eating habits. Feel better in your body than you have in years!

The 3 Pillars of the Ageless Beauty Lifestyle

You’ll learn about what to eat. You’ll also learn ways to create lasting weight loss and better health. And we’ll take a look behind the scenes and dig deeper into our cravings… where they’re coming from and how to nourish them.

You’ll learn about the power of supplements, superfoods and simple self-care routines that will support you in feeling more energized and joyful. You’ll also learn about setting up a healthy pantry and creating an environment that supports your body from the inside out!
You’ll learn that lasting change in the body must first take place in the mind. And once YOU make the decision to eat for health you open the doors to exciting possibilities and a life of fulfillment.

All of this – the community of like-minded, savvy, successful women, the powerful knowledge, and the personalized support – are available in a transformational program I’ve designed exclusively for you!

Become the HEALTHIEST, Happiest person you know!

Official Program Start Date is Monday, May 16th, 2016.

LIVE calls will take place at 12:00pm PST. (No worries if you can’t make it live… all calls will be recorded and delivered to your in-box for your personal access, anytime!)
Call Dates:
Thursday, May 19th @12pm

Thursday, May 26th @12:00pm PT with Dr. Allen

Thursday, June 2nd @12pm PT
Thursday, June 9th @12:00 pm PT with Dr. Allen
Thursday, June 16th @12pm PT
Thursday, June 23rd @12pm PT
“Dare to be the woman whose Ageless Beauty Inspires others”


The Ageless Beauty Academy begins on Monday, May 16th, 2016.

What’s the investment? $197

(*NOTE: Detox guidebook & other program materials will be sent out beginning on Thursday, May 12th. You will also receive a separate link to schedule your private coaching call with Marlyn.)


We look forward to supporting your success!

With love, peace & ageless living,
xo Marlyn


“I have kicked my sugar habit and I am down 9 pounds!”

Marlyn, you have made such an incredible positive impact in my life. Because of you I am making much healthier food choices. In the last few weeks, I have kicked my sugar habit and I am doing really well with my eating – down 9 pounds. I loved the Ageless Beauty Lifestyle Plan and learned so much! Thank you for helping and inspiring me!!!!

~Brenda K., mom, Great Neck, NY

I am amazed how energetic and alive I feel daily.”

Marlyn patiently waited out my addictions to sugar, caffeine and coffee until one day I said, “Enough!” I was living from one peanut butter and jelly sandwich to another Grande Soy Cafe’ Mocha to the next delightful glass of red wine. Marlyn, with her supportive and gentle approach, provided an environment for me to cleanse myself of these addictions and tune in to the simplicity of nourishment.
I am amazed at how energetic and alive I feel daily. It is not a matter of will power; solely intention. I fill my plate with preservative free, close to the source fruits and vegetables. While I am not a vegetarian, I enjoy food for it’s potential to nourish and support my lifestyle. ~Holli Rabishaw, certified yoga instructor, Tarzana, CA


“I have lost weight, increased my energy, reduced my sugar cravings, balanced my moods and have way more JOY in my life!”

Working with Marlyn has given me a new lease on LIFE! When I first began meeting with Marlyn I had sugar cravings, felt sluggish, anxious, bloated, toxic, overweight, out of balance and just not myself. After doing a cleanse and transformation program I feel better than I have in years!!
During my wellness journey I learned so much about how to eat and how to handle my life when it comes to food. I now make much healthier choices that satisfy my body AND my desires. This new way of eating has opened up a whole new world for me.
I have lost weight, increased my energy, reduced my sugar cravings, balanced my moods and have way more JOY in my life! I also feel more at peace and approach life from a new perspective. Marlyn has truly inspired me to “step outside my comfort zone.” The best thing is I know there are simple solutions to getting healthy and strong – and I did it!!!
~Laurie M., certified fitness trainer, Atlanta, Georgia


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