ageless beauty academy

The Ageless Beauty Academy
14-Day online program for women

Begins on Monday, October 9th, 2017

Become the Healthiest, Happiest person you know!”

Join me for a life-changing event that will take you OUT OF OVERWHELM and into action. I’m sharing all the secrets to help you become a slimmer, happier & healthier YOU!

Join Us!

What’s the investment? $97

Once you join in the fun, you’ll receive access to our Private Facebook forum where you can stay connected to a Soulful Sisterhood of like-minded women and ask those burning questions to keep you moving forward with confidence and success. No more trying to do it alone!

As a member of the “Ageless Beauty Academy” here’s what you get:

14-Day Detox  Plan & Lifestyle Guidebook – get started with our super informative Ageless Beauty healthy eating plan and lifestyle guidebook to keep you on-track for the 14 days and beyond. These golden nugget tips are easy, practical tools that will help you create huge shifts in your body and life.

Smoothie Booster Tip Sheet – Get the 4-1-1 on how to create a powerful smoothie that supports energy, stamina, weight loss and more. Once you understand the science behind the ingredients it’s simple.

Ageless Beauty Recipes & Shopping List easy, simple and delicious recipes to keep you satisfied and healthy all day long. Many of our recipes were created by celebrity chefs in the Los Angeles area and feature Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Mediterranean selections!

  • Weekly Health Tips – delivered right to your inbox! Feel empowered with these soul-centered nutrition and lifestyle tips, all intended to enhance your body and your life.
  • 3 LIVE Group Support & Accountability Callsspotlight coaching with Marlyn,  to help you reach your goals and breakthrough obstacles. Get your “burning” questions answered!
  • Invitation to a Private Members Only Facebook Forumfrom the comfort of your home or office, share your stories, struggles & celebrations 24-hours a day! Get support from a sisterhood of other amazing women and cheer each other on.
  • BONUS #1: Recordings of all audio content so you can listen any time.
  • BONUS #2: Adaptogens & Wellness Tonic interview with Scott Linde,  Owner/Founder of SUN POTION. Learn how to use adaptogens to enhance your beauty, brains and SEX life!
BONUS #3: Exclusive discount coupons on wellness brands including Teaonic, Sun Potion & Jilz Crackers.

Why Ageless Beauty Academy, why now?
I understand the struggle, the confusion and the overwhelming feelings around what to eat and how to maintain the best body possible.

Through the years, I’ve built my nutrition coaching practice around helping thousands of women navigate the overload of information and obtain REAL body breakthroughs and weight loss that lasts! These changes have been incredibly powerful and have led to leaner bodies, increased energy, balanced hormones and better focus. Additionally, I’ve seen blood tests improve, anxiety lifted, stress reduced, cravings banished, lives transformed and people become more joyful.

I’ve also been in your shoes. You see, for years I struggled.

All that changed…once I took some simple steps.

In my 50’s my life is now filled with energy, power and peace. It’s been an incredible journey of self-discovery. By changing my food, I changed my life.

I dove deep…both personally and professionally. Investing in science-based nutrition schools and mindfulness training, attending key conferences, and working with top functional medical doctors…AND as a result, they have all helped me to embrace and discover the TRUTH behind what it takes to create optimum health.

As a passionate Nutritionist & Lifestyle Educator, I’ve come to understand what it takes to live a life of lasting weight loss, deep fulfillment and vibrant beauty.  Now, I’m ready to share these steps with YOU!

That’s why I created Ageless Beauty Academy.
ABA is a sure-fire, 14-day online system that will give you the tools to create a life of true health and a body you love. In this step-by-step plan, you will find the techniques and tools that I’ve used to change my life and the lives of thousands of clients. It’s a streamlined approach to healthy living that will leave you feeling empowered, confident and fulfilled.

Creating a Powerful Community of Soulful Connection!

For 14-days we’ll be DIVING IN to a journey towards a happier, healthier, sexier you.

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

Week 1: Eating for the “Ageless Beauty” Lifestyle – So You Can Create Healthy Cells, a Vibrant Body & Gorgeous Glowing Skin!
  • Learn the FOODS to EAT and those to avoid to BOOST BEAUTY, reduce bloat, lose weight, balance blood sugar & elevate your health.
  • Understand how to make delicious smoothies that increase your energy, focus and sex drive.
  • Learn which SUPERFOODS help slow down aging, increase energy, promote better gut health & support healthy glowing skin & HAIR!
  • Gain knowledge about SUPPLEMENTS that enhance detoxification, optimize digestion, promote weight loss and reduce SUGAR CRAVINGS!
Week 2: Self-Care Rituals: So You Can Age-Younger & Feel Better

  • Understand the practice of MINDFULNESS and learn simple tips & tools you can use daily to reduce ANXIETY and create more JOY
  • Learn about NON-TOXIC make-up & clean soaps to support healthier skin
  • Learn SIMPLE ways to enhance your everyday environment to create a healthier, HAPPIER HOME and high vibrational life.

Become the HEALTHIEST, Happiest person you know!

Official Program Start Date is Monday, October 9th, 2017
Call Dates:
Thursday, October 5th @12pm PT *Kick Off

Thursday, October 12th @12pm PT

Thursday, October 19th @12pm PT

(No worries if you can’t make it live… all calls will be recorded and delivered to your inbox for your personal access, anytime!)

“Dare to be the woman whose Ageless Beauty Inspires others”
The Ageless Beauty Academy  begins on Monday, October 9th, 2017.

(*NOTE: Detox guidebook & other program materials will be sent out beginning on Wednesday, October 4th, 2017.)

Join Us!

“Hi Marlyn. I am so happy I signed up for the Ageless Beauty Academy. What I learned in your class has been life changing. I still have a long way to go but I have already started to make positive changes in my life. I start my day with an amazing smoothie filled with chia seeds, spinach, kale, berries, Matcha green tea.. I have noticed an increase in energy and clearer thinking after my morning smoothie.  I am reading food labels, browsing the aisles at Whole Foods, buying organic produce at the local farmers market and I am starting to change the products I use on my skin and in my house.  You are so knowledgable and passionate about what you do.  Thank you so much!”

Love, Kim S.

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