6 simple ways to add more flavor to your food

Igniting your foods with herbs and spices is a great way to kick-it-up-a-notch and have some fun. Below are six, simple ways to spice up your day.

1. Himalayan Sea Salt – Salt is a necessary mineral. Many of today’s salts – especially the ones that come in a blue container 🙂 are overly processed and loaded
with chemicals and sugar (yes, sugar!). Pure Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is a simple way of adding flavor to your foods, while also being beneficial to your health. For a fresh salad taste, drizzle some extra virgin olive oil, a squeeze of fresh lemon and sprinkling of Himalayan Sea Salt. Tasty and delish!
2. Turmeric – Turmeric has been shown to prevent or slow tumor growth and help reduce inflammation in the body. Some find it especially helpful for joint pain.
Try adding  turmeric to your stews, soups or smoothies.  I love powdered turmeric in a glass jar by Spicely Organic.
3. Cayenne – Rev-up your metabolism, and add a kick to any dish. Great to use in place of black pepper while cooking…or sprinkle a dash or two in tuna salad or guacamole.
4. Cinnamon – An old time favorite!  Cinnamon is a natural sweetener, boosts your metabolism and is also anti-viral.  Use this special spice to sweeten your smoothies, almond milk or hot cereals. This superstar also adds a twist when sprinkled on berries, pears and apples.
5. Dried Ginger – While I love using lots of fresh ginger, I also keep dried ginger on hand to sprinkle in stir fries, soups or smoothies.  Great in tea too! Ginger is another wonder anti-inflammatory food. My favorite is Spicely Organic.
6. Create Your Own Salad Shake – I love adding a bunch of herbs and spices together to make my own salad shake.  You can too!  Try dried sea vegetables (like Kelp or Dulse), roasted sesame seeds (available in the Asian isle of most markets), other favorite spices and a bit of Himalayan sea salt. Combine all ingredients together in a small glass jar with a twist on metal lid (be sure holes are large enough for spices to come through.)

Here’s to fabulous flavor, FUN and health always!

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