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Two weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to connect to a larger audience through the Home & Family show featured on the Hallmark Channel. It was truly one of the most exciting moments of my career filled with love, joy, passion and connection. After the show we had a lot of great response and many new sign ups to this blog. Today, I’d like to extend A BIG warm welcome to all the new members that have joined us from the Home and Family community. We’re so glad you’re here!!! If you missed the segment, and would like to watch it, I’m sharing the link below:


We shot the show on Tuesday, April 5th and it aired at 10am on Wednesday, April 6th. I was scheduled to fly to New York that morning and thought I was gong to have to watch a taped version later that night. To my surprise, Jet Blue had direct TV on board and I got to watch it live with the rest of the country. How cool is that?!

Being on the east coast for a few weeks meeting with clients, doing women’s workshops and visiting Canyon Ranch for rejuvenation and education I got to think deeper about how fast our lives are moving. Many of the clients I’m working with are feeling it too. Between our busy careers, raising kids, the overload of technology and everyday administration many of us are constantly on the go! Taking time out to reflect on what’s important to you can really assist in managing your life. It’s great to get away if you can, though just taking moments out each day with a “breath break” can support your well-being and optimize your health.

As life seems overwhelming and fast, consider SLOWING DOWN and taking 3 DEEP cleansing breaths. Doing this has the ability to lower your stress hormones and turn on the parasympathetic nervous system which helps to create relaxation in the body and a feeling of peace. Incorporating breath breaks into your day can have a big payoff over time. You can even try doing this before each meal as it will support you in weight loss, focusing on your food and perhaps even eating less.

Along with breath breaks for relaxation and stress reduction, I’d like to share a new product that I was recently introduced to called JAVAZEN. Javazen is a unique organic coffee blend that is loaded with healing teas (including MATCHA & Rooibos) and high performance superfoods to counterbalance the effects of caffeine and help boost your body’s wellness. It’s new and it’s really wonderful. If you’re a coffee lover you will enjoy the added health benefits of Javazen and the addition of increased antioxidants, relaxing elements and balanced energy.

There are 3 different blends, each with its unique properties.

Balance, Relax and Boost. Relax and Balance are my favorites.

All ingredients are organic, fair trade and sourced from sustainable farmers with love and caring at the core. It has a great back story too. They also offer sample packs which you can purchase directly from their site. Learn more at www.drinkjavazen.com

And if you’re ready to eat better, feel better and age younger, reach out to me for a complimentary consult today. Reply to this email or call me at 213.500.0491. I’m here to support you on your optimum wellness journey.


“These last few months have been absolutely incredible! With your help Marlyn, I’ve lost 25lbs and have gone from a size 12 to a size 8!!! I’ve also changed my blood for the better including: lowering my liver enzymes, lowering my blood sugar, and lowering my lipids. My blood pressure is coming down too. I have no more heartburn and feel better than I have in years!!!” ~  Ilene, 53 year young mom and regional healthcare specialist

Wishing you a fantastic week full of peace, balance, courage and connection!

All my love,

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