5 tips for a “fit and healthy” holiday season

Did you know that the time between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day is when 80% of our annual weight gain takes place?  Maintaining long term health is a lifetime commitment.  Today I am sharing some tips on how to beat the odds, how to make it through the season without gaining weight.  Note – this does not mean you will be declining party invitations, going on a cleanse (unless you want to) or giving up your favorite wine.  The holidays are a time of  joy and celebration.  Use the tips below to create a season of good health, happiness and cheer with BALANCE and moderation by your side.

#1 Home Sweet Home

During the holidays we are faced with a barrage of tempting foods – treats at work, holiday parties, delicious gifts, etc.  One great strategy for maintaining your weight throughout the season is to make your home a safe haven.  Making your home a temptation free zone by filling your fridge and cupboards with fresh, organic wholesome foods.

#2 Smaller Portions

Watch your portion sizes.  Use a smaller plate, enjoy the food and do not go back for seconds.

When tempted with a rich and delicious dessert choose to try it with the “3 bite rule.” The first bite is for the pleasure, second to confirm it – one more to top it off.  After that it is diminishing returns.  Also, remember to SAVOR those bites and enjoy the moment without guilt or remorse.  We all need to have a little pleasure…just do it in moderation.

#3 Think Green

Let’s face it – most of us are probably going to have at least 1 or 2 indulgences over the holiday season.  The fact of the matter is that 1 or 2 indulgences won’t have much of an impact on our weight or health.  It’s the big picture that counts.  So when you do find yourself going down a less than nutritious path get back on track by including some GREENS in your life. Leafy green salads, sauteed green veggies and fresh green juices are a great way to stay clean and healthy.  For an extra added pure energy boost you can also try adding a bit of kale or spinach to your morning smoothie.

#4 Eat Breakfast

Have a great breakfast: A protein smoothie is a great choice. (Tip: Add in some fiber like flax or chia seeds for a feeling of fullness.)  Skipping meals, thinking you are recouping some of those holiday calories will never work.  It will slow down your metabolism even further and cause you to overeat later in the day.

#5 Stay Hydrated

Drink lots of water: Water helps remove toxins and salts from your body, rehydrate you and really gives you energy.  Many times we are fatigued from dehydration.  Another way to stay hydrated is to drink coconut water.  You can use it in your smoothie or drink it straight from the coconut. (My favorite!) Coconut water rebalances your electrolytes and is a natural diuretic.  It is also a true beauty food – great for your skin and keeping you looking radiant at those holiday gatherings.

Bonus Tip:  SLOW Down!

Stay present, enjoy the moments, breathe and have FUN!

This is the time of year to reflect on where you are and where you want to go…

Wishing you an AMAZING, healthy and happy holiday season!

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