an attitude of gratitude

As 2010 comes to a close, I want to pause and say “thank you!” I am so grateful for the wonderful and challenging things that occurred this year. With time, I’ve come to realize that although they may be a bit uncomfortable,  even the challenges help me grow.   I am also so grateful for the many, many clients and HN followers that have graced my path and allowed me to touch their lives in one way or another.  If you asked me last January what I envisioned for the year, I would have told you many things – but I never imagined the kind of amazing, loving, caring, fun, open, eager, awesome clients that would flow into my life! With each person that I met through the year my heart and soul grew tenfold.  This year has also been a huge growth year for me with the launch of Holistic Nutritionista.  As I look back, I remember starting out in January with trepidation.  Along came Michelle Bauman and Carolyn Freyer-Jones of Innerwow, and Carey Peters of Coach Tools To Go and  I was empowered!  I can’t thank these extraordinary women enough for all that I have learned from them.  They are fabulous.

With Spring came my first large cleanse coaching group,  a chance to support our children’s school principal on his weight loss journey, and a group of clients in New York I call the Great Neck Girls. They are terrific and I admire them. I also had the opportunity to work with Chef Pam Reims as we shared a business venture called “Cooking from the Inside Out.”  Pam is one of the most talented chefs I know.  She’s creative, fun, well organized,  and her recipes rock.  Watch for her exciting new business Culinary Bliss/LA coming soon.  With the Summer and Fall came an influx of new and wonderful clients and friends.  I am in awe and honored to be a part of so many of their lives.  These men and women have continued to allow me to guide them towards a lifestyle of health and wellness.  Each time I meet with them they infuse my life with joy, love and openness and allow me to continue to live my purpose and passion. (A very special thank you to the Laurence School community of moms, dads and staff that have embraced my work and come into my life this year.  It has been a true honor and pleasure to get to know you better and  support you in achieving your individual goals).

I also want to thank all the friends, family and colleagues who continue to support my work and push me to go higher.

As the year closes and 2011 is ushered in I want to say thank you one more time.  I am so grateful to the Holistic Nutritionista community and my clients for all their continued support.  I invite you to please come back often and share the blog with others.   And as the year unfolds, watch for exciting updates and changes as I launch my services page, cutting edge weight loss and detox programs and giveaways.

My wish for you is that the  New Year brings you love, joy, good health and happiness.  That you also continue to create the life you dream about by moving forward with courage and hope.  May your days ahead be filled with passion, purpose and wonderful friends and family who infuse your spirit and elevate your life.

With love,                                                                                                                


Holistic Nutritionista

  1. Michelle Bauman says:

    Marlyn – YOU are such an inspiration and the work you do is such a gift to the world. You make such a difference. I’m grateful for you. I can’t wait to see what 2011 brings for you. Much love, Michelle

  2. Marla Vaughn says:

    Marlyn, I just read your Home Page on your website and your thank yous really brought tears to my eyes. You had such a great year I can tell and that is so fabulous! Thank you for sharing your “thank you’s” with everyone!

    Marla Vaughn

  3. Nikki joel says:

    So so proud of you!!!!

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