a girl’s gotta have fun

It’s summer and sometimes a girl’s just gotta have FUN! I’m talking food fun!  Yes, letting down your guard for a moment and enjoying a few bites of this or that to appease those taste buds and maybe a craving or two.  But I’m not talking about any ol’ food…I’m talking the home cooked goodness of tasty delicious dishes that friends bring to a festive celebration or a Saturday evening soirée.  Let’s face it, one of the best things about summer is the great weather and the casual structure…and with that comes the chance to entertainHaving people over to your home is a great way to connect and share joy! And having everyone contribute to the makings of a meal is a super easy way to take the full responsibility off of you!  It’s also fun to taste and sample the creations of others or the yummalicious bakery selections they may choose to bring.

For the most part, I am really good all week long.  I eat clean, healthy and drink a lot of water!  I also work out and make sure I take good care of myself.  And with that I’ve come to realize that it’s okay and actually good for us to give ourselves the permission to have a little food fun here and there.  The problem lies when we are doing it too often and not adhering to an overall plan of fitness and healthy eating.  Also remember this…if you’re going to indulge in a little goodie or treat…make sure it’s worth it! At the least, make sure it’s either homemade (which usually means it’s infused with LOVE!) or it’s something you REALLY desire.  Allow yourself a few bites or maybe a bit more…and enjoy it!  No guilt, no remorse – just enjoyment in that moment.  Know that you will be back on your game tomorrow and it is okay!  And do just that…get back on your game the next day.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Within the act of living a healthy and whole lifestyle comes the opportunity to indulge now and then.  That’s how we can bring pleasure into our livesthrough simple, small acts of fun and joy and knowing that in the bigger picture we are caring for ourselves and  living with the utmost responsibility for our health and well being.  (This is what contributes to a life of balance!)

So the next time you see me eating a cookie or tasting a piece of homemade peach pie at a July 4th party you’ll know I’m just a girl who’s gotta have fun! :)

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